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Labor day weekend Pict.

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I found this land that is getting for some construction, it used to be a crop field so the dirt was super loose and with all the rain the mudding was great. Sadly it was raining and I was not able to take some actions pictures. So here is some of the aftermath. Ill probably go back next weekend ...

IF Any one would like to post some pictures of labor day weekend feel free to do it in this same thread :cheers:


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Nice! there's a lots of land around here that just got clear cut and waiting for houses to go up and i want to go mudding as well but I'm afraid I'll get arrested! lol
Nice looking truck. Are you happy with the pro comp set-up?
I was afraid too... the thing is that the are starting construction from the back of the fields, so unless someone would go to the back I would get caught. But it was on a sunday so no one works...

So far Im trouble free I only have around 1000 miles on the procomp set up and it feels better than with the leveling kit, with the exception of the turning ratio.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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