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Leaking Diff Seal. 93 Triton Ute.

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(just a repost of an item posted in general discussion)

Petol Engine, 4 Cylinder. About 93. (not mine, a friends)

Looks like it's leaking from the front of the Diff, i.e from the drive shaft seal/bearing.

The diff still has SOME fluid in it, i.e. it doesn't make diff noise yet.

Is this a common problem with these older Tritons? (i.e. the drive shaft seal)

How easy is it to get the seal/bearing out? i.e. does it need to be pressed out? Will that nessecitate the complete removal of the diff?

Also, if anyone has a link to the relivent workshop manual, or can scan me the relivent pages, I'd greatly appreciate that.

Maybe the best thing to do is just leave it alone? The diff will retain SOME oil because the seal level is above the drain plug.
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Triton? Are you talking about a Ford? This is a Nissan Titan site.
The only advise I can give you is to fix the problem. Don't ignore it.
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