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Leaking Doug Thorley Headers. What to do?

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I bought a set of stainless ceramic coated DT headers in April. I installed them and I thought everythig was ok. In May I bought the uprev and did the logs so i could get my first map tuned. It turned out It looked looked like I had a leak on the left bank, So I took it back apart figuring I had messed something up when I installed it. Once I had it apart I could see the leaks and it was pretty clear why.


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So I called Nick at DT and told him what was going on and he said he wanted to get the header back so they could "fix" it. The problem with this is I live in Florida and its going to take 5 days for it to get to him, then they are going to have to fix it, then its 5 days back and I cant be without my truck for two to three weeks. So we agreed that they would get me a new one but they didnt have anymore so it would be about 5 weeks but he wanted me to call back after 2 weeks and see how things were going. I called again after 2 and a half weeks to check on things and Nick tiold me they were in welding and I should call again in a week and a half. So today I called and he tells me that he was wrong the that the headers being made now are the mild steel not the stainless and he still thinks I should send the one I have to him to have it fixed. I got really pissed because I paid alot for the headers and I just want them not to leak. I cant even get my e-tunes done because of the leak. Another problem is that it sounds like ****.
In his defense its only been 4 weeks so its not like its gone on longer then we agreed but today he didn't even give me a time frame for when I would get them.

I am asking you guys what you think I should do and am I wrong for being upset?
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I wish I could tag Corky/Josh/Hemi in that post.... :rofl:

Go ahead and tag me on this stuff, if there is a problem, it will be fixed without another set being sold to him. A leak from the PRT's will be the first here if there is one, which we all know the response from me on that. Get some pictures and send them to me. I will ensure if it is leaking it will be fixed. This is the first thread of a leak from PRT pipes I have heard of ever. True statement as well, if there is a problem, call PRT or message me. I will guarantee it is fixed with no cost to the buyer, with no phone call tag, and no BS of trying to sell another set again. Send me some pics. As far as whose pipes have a record of leaks, some search data will clear that up.
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