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Leaking front axle at flange?

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I just removed my mini lift kit and replaced it with Radflo 2.0's. The install when perfect, but I now have a 1 drop every 5-7 seconds from the front axle where the flange is. It appears that the flange pulled out from the differential about 1 inch, and is dripping from that point. Can I just push/knock the flange back over to the differential? Will driving the truck with the leak cause any further damage as long as I don't use 4 wheel drive?

I need advice?

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That is a pretty bad leak, I just have the level kit and mine is leaking a little. It is just wet around the input. As long as the level isn't low it won't hurt anything. But if the level is low I don't think it will matter if you are in 4wd or not. I am pretty sure everything up there spins even in 2wd. I am going to drive mine and just check the fluid every now and then until I am closer to the end of my warranty.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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