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Leaking radiator. Help appreciated.

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About a month ago I would noticed a smell that was like coolant fluid but I could not find the leak or see any liquid leaking anywhere and nothing was under the truck either. Last week I tried one of the Stop Leak bottles(there was 3 to choose from) and that didn't work.

SO, this past weekend I shopped prices all around and Advance Auto wants $330 for a new one. Local Nissan dealership wants $540 for the radiator and a grand total of $754 with labor What a joke.

SO, then this past Sunday I tried taking out the radiator myself(with dad lol) and wasn't able to do so. I wasn't sure what some of the stuff was under the hood and came across the metal hoses and connections and I ask "Dad, this looks like it goes to the A/C. I can't take that off can I?" and he responds "No, just take it off!". So, I start unbolting it on the drivers side and PUFF, SCCCCSSSS!! There goes a bunch of my A/C, so I tighten it up real quick and put everything back together and test the A/C and it works good. Then going to work Monday I make it into the parking lot and I hear the same sound. Apparently I didn't have it tight enough and the rest of my A/C is now gone.

So then I headed to Advance Auto after work and pick up a different type of Stop Leak(the aluminum type) and pour it in with brand new coolant fluid. I smell every now and then. I lose maybe 1/4" in the plastic reseviour each day.

Anybody have a cheap way to fix these. BTW, looks like the crack is at the bottom like most peoples here. My buddy told me to drop 2 eggs in there, I thought it was a joke, but he was being serious. I have not done that though.

I have a bit over 64,000 miles on it.
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