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Leaking water pump?

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I was changing my oil the other day and noticed a buildup of what I thought to be oil on the front of my motor around the filter. Well after further inspection I realized it was coming from above. I looked to see if I had any leaking hoses and noticed my water pump had the oily buildup. I don't know how long it's been leaking but my reservoir was below the minimum mark but I haven't had any low coolant warnings and the trucks been running at normal temps. My question is does anyone have any experience with this as far as replacing the pump or if it'd be better to get the dealership to do it. I'm somewhat mechanically inclined but I don't know if it's beyond my skill level. Thanks in advance.


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When removing water pump, be careful not to get engine coolant on drive belt if you'll be reusing it.

1. Drain engine coolant so that no engine coolant comes out from water pump fitting hole.
2. Remove the engine front undercover.
3. Remove the air duct and resonator assembly.
4. Remove the drive belt.
5. Remove the water pump pulley.
6. Remove the water pump.

Engine coolant will leak from the cylinder block, so have a receptacle ready below.

Handle water pump vane so that it does not contact any other parts.

Check the belt for wear and's good time to replace. Don't forget a new gasket. between $300 and $400 for a shop to do this job.
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