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gsxr1000 said:
Who has leased their Titan and what kind of deals are going out there?

Here is what I have on order and am looking to lease. Titan CC LE with NAV, DVD, RF and TOW. MSRP is $38,200. I am ordering this under the VPP Program so my cost is $34,115 before tax, license and registration. After all the fee's it comes out to $37,294.95

So, the lease option my dealer gave me is:

36 months, 15,000/year $1146 Due at signing and my payments will be $565-600

Any input is appreciated.



hi Mike,
Ive leased all my vechicles, including my Titan. Considering the 37k purchase price, 15k miles, and only 36 month term, $600 doesnt sound that bad to me. Yes thats high for a payment, but all things considered it sounds about right. Its impossible to say if its a good deal without looking at the residual and a few other numbers.

Take a look at this web site, very good information on leasing. They give buy vs lease comparisons, lease examples, scam tactics dealers use, etc.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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