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What's the residual after the term? How long is the term for? How many miles do you drive per year? Is your current vehicle in pristine condition?

There is nothing wrong with leasing, however sometimes it's just not the best option. I have leased my past few vehicles but have decided to purchase this time as the interest rates are much better and I plan on using the truck and don't want to have to worry about every little nick and ding while hauling something.

Kind of curious though, why do you have to pay taxes on it? On any lease I've had the taxes were done monthly on the payments so you only paid taxes on the amount you paid, not for the full vehicle.

The deal sounds good, and I think like most people out here have stated, as long as you're happy with your purchase, you got a great deal. And I've yet to read from anyone who hasn't been anything less then thrilled with this new truck.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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