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LED install gone wrong...

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Been trying for the past 2 hours to change my amber LED's on the radio console to blue ones. Well needless to say im not a skilled soldering man so now my "seek" button is no longer illuminated and my fingers are burned all to hell. I have plenty of electrican experience and im figuring my soldering iron was my main issue for not being able to complete the install. I have a Craftsman 45 watt unit and its not exactly a super precision tip that it has with it. I kept melting the new LED's when trying to install them. Had a couple attempts at getting them soldered in and when I would try and power them up they would never come on. So after 2 hours of battling the 2 LED's for the seek button and no victory i called it a loss and put it back together.:crying:
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Im going to goto radio shack tomorrow and get a pencil iron with less power and hopefully a smaller tip. Then I hope I can fix my radio LEDs...
When I did mine, I had a crappy Radio Shack iron. And the tip was none too small either. Part of doing those lights is ensuring the cathode inside the LED is on the right side.
Care to elaborate a little more on that? So these LED's need to be installed a certain way for them to work?
Alright, finally found me a small tip adjustable iron. at the lowest setting the iron is 20 watt and adjustable to 45. And it has a pencil tip as well, so hopefully I can make this work now.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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