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LED install gone wrong...

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Been trying for the past 2 hours to change my amber LED's on the radio console to blue ones. Well needless to say im not a skilled soldering man so now my "seek" button is no longer illuminated and my fingers are burned all to hell. I have plenty of electrican experience and im figuring my soldering iron was my main issue for not being able to complete the install. I have a Craftsman 45 watt unit and its not exactly a super precision tip that it has with it. I kept melting the new LED's when trying to install them. Had a couple attempts at getting them soldered in and when I would try and power them up they would never come on. So after 2 hours of battling the 2 LED's for the seek button and no victory i called it a loss and put it back together.:crying:
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Care to elaborate a little more on that? So these LED's need to be installed a certain way for them to work?
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