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led pods behind grille?

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any 1 have pics of pods behind their grille. more billet style. i got a good price on a pair of morimoto 4 banger pods. i already have very good retrofit fog lights. dont really have anywhere else to mount them. i also have a lower billet grille so thats out as well.
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I wanna see your opinion on those! I have the morimoto 20" bar. It has similar looks to those 4 bangers (not the xtorch), but the light output is meh
you mean there first gen bar? these 4 bangers are the new style ones not those tall ugly ones

Those new ones look like all the other ones on the market :/
haha yes they do. their wires and mounts seem alot better though. ill post up light output when i figure out where to put them
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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