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Led Powerhouse: What's your setup?

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Just wondering how you guys have rigged up your Trail Monkey Titans with Led pods, roof bars or bull bar leds. Lets see em!

Im thinking about putting 2" or 4" square pods on my side view mirrors in between the mirror and the actual truck. Anyone done this?
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No pictures to contribute as of now, but...I have big plans, that I plan to execute before summer is out. I'll be sure to try and remember to post up once I'm finished.

Current plans:

-Full exterior LED swap from retrosolutions
-20'' bumper bar (should have this mounted up within the next month)
-50'' curved roof mount bar
-4'' round recessed led fog lights in off road bumper
-side/rear LED lights flush mounted in camper shell for 360 degree illumination, consisting of either a 20 inch bar on each side above the windows, and 2 6 inch bars in the rear on either side of the third brake light, or 4 flush mount pods per side, and 2 in the rear.

Bumper and roof bars will be white/amber dual function, to utilize in either darkness or low visibility weather conditions.

Can't wait to get this setup up and running, but I have to grab Uprev before I start on it. Bye bye $$$
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nice Hood!
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