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LED resistor help

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When I first replaced all my lights with LED's I only had 2 resistors and put them in the rear signal lights. By the time I got around to getting 2 more, it was too damn cold out to mess around with the front. I've been listening to that annoying fast signal all winter.

Anyway, the snow is almost all melted and the sun is out so I thought about putting the front 2 on, only I peeked through the hood and can see that the wires coming out of the signal light are bundled up in electrical tape, and there appears to be 3 wires, not just two like the rear. Before I get the wheel well taken apart and up under there, can anyone tell me if there are there in fact 3 wires running to the front signal light, and if so, which 2 should I attach the resistor to?
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Thanks. It took about 50x longer than it should have between my 4 yr old 'helping' and temporarily losing one resistor, and moving at a snails pace so I could enjoy the weather outside instead of getting to other things inside that needed to be done, but they are on. Back to the normal which took some getting used to again.
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