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Hey guys another noob question. I posted this on the general discussion but I didn’t get much feedback so I guess I will post it here and see if I have better luck. I have been pondering the idea of adding a set of the Spyder or K2 LED tails to my T. The ones they list have a side lens that apparently act as a tailgate illumination of some sort. Well, my truck does not have this cut out on the bed.

Since mine does not have the cut out, do they still mount and work properly?

Any experiences with these lights? (Moisture, premature LED life, fading of lens) I am looking at the red lens version, that is why I ask about the fading.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


I contacted both Spyder and K2 who are the two most popular providers of LED taillights for our Titans. They both told me the same thing....that their taillights will not work on my 2015 Titan but they didn’t specify or clarify any further...Hmm, me they looks exactly the same as they did since day one in 2004. Am I missing something here? Can anyone confirm that the taillights have not changed one bit over the years? I also asked if the side lens can be removed as I see in their pictures that it is simply screwed on to the taillight, but of course they did not answer that question either.

I am still open for some feedback.

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My LED tail lights came from eBay. My wife says the turn signals aren't very bright. But otherwise they have been OK. The only water issue was because I didn't get the socket installed quite right.

I do have the cutout for the tail gate light so that wasn't an issue.
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