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Leer 100R Shell for sale!

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I am selling my Leer 100R off of my Titan due to selling the truck.

It is located in Springfield,Missouri $400 obo.

It is in real good condition with only 2 small chips in the paint, Color is smoke, And fits Crew Cabs 2004-2007

Here is my craigslist ad with it and some pics.
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If it was for a KC I'd be all about it.
If you ever make it out to Norhtern Colorado, let me know......:cheers:
I might be able to ship it to some points, As i drive a semi cross country... Maybe the planets will align someday... :)
Any accessories inside? toolbox, clothes hanger, lights, etc...?


If you are heading to the Northeast let me know I will take it off your hands.
Nothing extra... Just the standard carpeting and 1 light and the mounting hardware which clamps onto the Utilitrac rails.
You Got A Pm!!!
PM Replied! :)
PM sent

Sale pending...:)
The buyer i had just backed out...

It's still for sale!
pm reply sent, phone call made w/ message.....CALL ME
goathead said:
pm reply sent, phone call made w/ message.....CALL ME
Shell sold to Goathead! :)
wooo-whoooooo, thanks again adam. talk to you soon. :cheers:
You lucky SOB

First shell I've seen anywhere remotely close to me and I miss out.

The sale to GoatHead was perfect! Thanks for buying my shell!
thanks again Adam. looks awesome. best of luck in the future.
go ahead and rub it in.
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