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Lemon Lawing Ford, Looking at a Titan.

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Well, after 4 rebuilt transmissions and 1 new transmission I'm still having transmission problems with my 06 Ford F150. Looks like I'll be able to lemon law the Ford and get a Titan. I'm shooting for the buyback at purchase price over the replacement Ford.

I've talked to an attorney and I've done everything I can to make this a textbook example of the Texas Lemon Law. I just have to file for it now and see how things go from there.

I strongly considered the Titan before I bought the F150 and I love what Nissan has done with the 08 models.
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The 08 addressed some of the issues that the earlier titan had, brakes issues with larger brakes , and interior trim and fitment. I think you will be very happy with an 08, I drove an 05 or 06 ford before i got my titan and was very surprised how underpowered it was compared to the titan. Good Luck
I'm looking at a King Cab or CrewCab LE 4X4 with the towing package. I just have one question about the 4X4 models. Does the LE come standard with some sort of a limited slip rear differential, or an electronic system to transfer power to the wheels with traction. I wish I could get the equipment on the Pro4X model on the LE, but I like all the goodies the LE comes with over the Pro4X.
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