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less than 3 k miles and the tires cupping?

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I just got a 08' titan a couple months ago and the tires were already cupping on the front tires. I took it into the dealer ship (baker jackson nissan) and they got me a set of tires for the front and blamed it on the tow. SOO I had new tires and less than 500 miles later. the front AND the rear tires are cupping.. they told me its due to heavy truck.?!? I have goodyear wrangler tires on there.. has anyone else been having the same problem?
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you mean feathering?

that is cause by mis balanced wheels

dont know what cupping is

but have a friend drive along side of you (seperate cars) at highway speeds and have them look at you wheels and see if they bounce up and down while moving drive for about a couple miles while they keep an eye on you

if it bounces you need new shocks
this can cause screwed up spots on tires, or abnormal tire wear

by the way
I am starting a new site
it is a forum like this one but I am an off-roader (when I can afford to be)
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my truck is a 2005 been doing same thing since was new goodyear tires are junk word at a dodge dealership seen same thing with goodyear tires make the dealership check the alingment
Can you post some pics? I have no idea what cupping is.
Cupping and feather i guess are the same thing.. They checked the alignment out already and the tow. said it was all good. Checked the shocked look good. I dont know what do ... I just spent alot of money on this damn truck love everything about it.. but the tires!
I've had same problem with theBrigestone Duellers, on OEM rim for 5K, and Aluminum Rims for past 20K. Been aligned a few times, seems better after last alignment, but not sure yet. Only happens on front, smooths out on rear when rotated. Not just because of burnouts either!

Next tires will be a highway tread with a 700 or 800 treadwear rating, and made for smooth ride.
did you have
them check the balance, if they are feathering
i am sure that is what it is
I'm dumping my Goodyears SR-A tomorrow. Worst tires I've ever had on a vehicle. 28,000 miles and they are completey gone. Never ahd this problem with my F-150 with the RTS went 55,000 miles. Can't believe Nissan puts these cheep tires on the Trucks. Everytime I turn around this truck cost me more and more money to own!
Cupping is when the rubber on sides a tire with a round cross profile (like motorcycle tires, see attached picture) become uneven and the edges raise above the surrounding tread. This is common on sport bikes because of the side sheering force of corning, not trucks.

The only cause for this on a car or truck tire would be that the tire pressure is set too low.

Feathering of the shoulder tread is also a sign of low tire pressure.


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Truwrecks, you expained the problem well. I didnt know what was wrong till I brought mine in to the dealer. I had cupping on the outsides of both front tires(only) after 10,000 miles, Yea I know, I should have rotated at 5,000 right? Dealer said that the toe end was out and aligned it under warranty for me. Tire pressure was about 35psi during the time the tires wore like this.
Same here on all three sets of tires so far....
Regular rotation and had the alignment checked but still the same issue...
Dealer and other tire shops told me that the titans were "Tire Eaters" !!!
Had the same thing...cupping after only 1100 miles. WTF! Dealer told me to take it to the Goodyear dealer as it was a tire issue. Goodyear replaced both front tires and said it was an alignment issue, take it back to the dealer and hve them check the alignment. Took it back to the dealer and they found the toe-out was out of spec.
Rick Guess said:

you mean feathering?[/URL]
Cupping and feathering are two different wear patterns. This might help:

As for the question of cupping, is it occurring mostly on the front left tire? I have been trying to chase down this problem. New front shocks and tire balancing did not resolve it.
I'll have to watch this on my truck. No vehicle should ever go through tires that quick. I mean unless you're running a geo metro spare on all fours in 4wd at 90mph...
Same problem with my Toyo tires. I have probably put about 10k miles on them. Dealer says I need to rotate. I will try the tire pressure first. Does anyone know what would be recommended or the max recommended. Thks!
Same problem with my Toyo tires. I have probably put about 10k miles on them. Dealer says I need to rotate. I will try the tire pressure first. Does anyone know what would be recommended or the max recommended. Thks!
I had my alignment done again at 20-25 K and lowered my pressure from 44 to 35. So far, tire wear is now normal. Maybe excess pressure causing it to hit hard. Alignmemnt not off much, not enough to matter they said. But again, latest results very encouraging. Perfect wear now. I'm at 28K.
I had to replace two tires due to the centers wearing completely bald...classic case of "overinflation", but they were actually a couple pounds less than the door sticker calls for...rear tires only. I guess an empty bed puts so little weight on the rear tires that even normal pressure causes wear as you would see in a case of overinflation.

Nissan would do nothing about it, and my local Goodyear dealer gave me a good deal, but not free.

This is my single beef with Nissan...pick a better tire. Maybe a leveling kit would transfer a little weight back to the rear to slow this down, but don't know.
Remember that all manufacturers usually put a very inexpensive tire on to keep costs down. They put a soft tire on for your comfort.

My tires, Bridgestone Duelers, were done after 30K. I now have Bridgestone Revo's and boy they are great in the rain. I live in the Vancouver/Whistler area where we get 8 inches of snow one day and 3 inches of rain the next...

These tires are great in these conditions.
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