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Headed to Johnson Valley with a few friends and co workers. Leaving Friday afternoon and will be camping for two nights, heading home Sunday morning after wake up and breakfast. We will be camping near the Bullfrog trail head if anyone wants to join. Be sure to pack in your own food and water and pack out your trash. Between myself and my co horts, we should have enough firewood, but more is always better than less, so if you have some you can bring along, please do...

The wheeling will consist of mostly desert terrain with a few trails mixed in for good measure. There are scattered rock gardens all over the place so you can play and not worry about major carnage or scars. If you want to attempt any of the Hammers, you're on you own there, none of the vehicles going are equipped to handle the hammers, and there will only be two or three winches out there for rescues. there will be a lot of "wandering aimlessly" through the desert, so there will be plenty of exploration time.

Main coordinates for the trail head are:

34* 28' 48.51N
116* 48' 46.41W

Believe it or not, there is cell coverage out there in some spots, so I am planning on basically setting up camp in an area big enough for a ton of people and once it's established, I will head to find cell service and text the actual coordinates of the camp site to whoever wants to meet up.

Most of my co workers are heading up Saturday morning, so we should be at base camp till around 9-10AM. I'm going to clear out my PM box, so if you want to roll, add your name to the list and PM me your cell number...

1. Yellomantis (Casey) - 2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon
2. John - 2007 Toyota FJ cruiser
3. Tony - 2009 Toyota Tacoma Off Road fully armored
4. Rey - 1995 Jeep Cherokee
5. Andrew - 2000 Ford F250 Diesel 4X4
6. Joe - 2003 Dodge Ram 1 ton diesel 4X4
7. Mark - 2008 Ford F350
8. Erick - 2010 Ford F250 4x4
9. Juan - 2003 Toyota Tacoma 4x4
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What happened to all the off road peeps?
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