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Let's see your aftermarket Head Unit's!!

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I'm in the market for a Head Unit to replace my factory Rockford Fosgate H/U w/ Navigation.

I've been replacing the OEM, supposed "Rockford Fosgate" sound system with true Rockford Fosgate Punch speakers, now I want to deliver more power to my speakers and add a quality Punch sub. (Rockford Foster, are you kidding me?!). I've explored Line Out Converter options to tie into the factory amp, but I would rather bypass the need for the extra LOC wiring and upgrade the overall sound quality for a reasonable additional price ($300-$400 max) by throwing in a new, quality H/U (not to mention an upgraded Bluetooth option, AUX or USB plug in). I would prefer minimal dash customizations as possible, but I am open to ideas.

Bottom line; I want to upgrade my factory H/U for under $400 with minimal dash customizations, while sustaining my Navigation features. I want to see pictures!

Also, if anyone has successfully used the factory H/U set-up with a LOC, Amp, aftermarket sub/s and aftermarket speakers, I would be interested in discussing the process and overall satisfaction there too.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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