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Let's see your aftermarket Head Unit's!!

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I'm in the market for a Head Unit to replace my factory Rockford Fosgate H/U w/ Navigation.

I've been replacing the OEM, supposed "Rockford Fosgate" sound system with true Rockford Fosgate Punch speakers, now I want to deliver more power to my speakers and add a quality Punch sub. (Rockford Foster, are you kidding me?!). I've explored Line Out Converter options to tie into the factory amp, but I would rather bypass the need for the extra LOC wiring and upgrade the overall sound quality for a reasonable additional price ($300-$400 max) by throwing in a new, quality H/U (not to mention an upgraded Bluetooth option, AUX or USB plug in). I would prefer minimal dash customizations as possible, but I am open to ideas.

Bottom line; I want to upgrade my factory H/U for under $400 with minimal dash customizations, while sustaining my Navigation features. I want to see pictures!

Also, if anyone has successfully used the factory H/U set-up with a LOC, Amp, aftermarket sub/s and aftermarket speakers, I would be interested in discussing the process and overall satisfaction there too.
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I have an LOC tied to the OEM sub that powers my extra subs. Everything else factory, but I put 55W RF speakers in instead of the OEM 35W. Still powered by the factory HU since I have NAV and wanted to keep the truck diagnostics. I think one guy put in an aftermarket HU and kept his NAV, but he had to put the OEM head in the glove box to keep powering the NAV unit. If you get rid of it completely on our trucks that have it you lose those diagnostic features.
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