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Lets see your systems!

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If you got pics or videos of your system post them! I think everyone would enjoy seeing them all. plus it'll give some of us newbs some ideas.
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The last box I build

Rear doors


Front doors

Kicker 750.1 custom

Kicker 250.2 (front doors)

Sony head unit

In action

And dont make fun of the photobucket, it not mine.
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The front are powered by the 250.2 the rear are off the headunit.
Well I got NOTHING on moonlight!!!!! Lost of money there.
He put in inline with the remote turn. The amp can be turned off when he wants. I have the same thing just a more sleek toggle.
We have little ones that some time ride with us. The bass is too much for my newborn but my 6 year old loves it.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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