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Lets see your systems!

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If you got pics or videos of your system post them! I think everyone would enjoy seeing them all. plus it'll give some of us newbs some ideas.
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So i'm a bit obsessed with JL audio... 2 13w7's with 1000/1 and 1200 watt kinetik battery for each sub... then a 300/ & 400/ to power two c5 component speaker sets... tied together with a Pioneer AVIC Z110 BT... There's also a Mac Mini (Wired to where the stock screen was which has been replaced with a touch screen) & PS3 (playing COD is unreal in this truck) enjoy :)

The Bubbly :)

Custom LED lit plexi speaker covers cut like infiniti logo to cover the component speaker

Pioneer Avic at the bottom... touchscreen mac screen at the stock location

Stock screen moved to roof (Beltronic STI radar detector also installed in roof)

two 8" swivel mount flat screens have been installed to remove the bulky stock rear screen... you can see the PS3 on, and the Mac on, and the Avic, and the stock Dash on the roof which i have not lost a single feature to (Couldn't risk it because AC control on screen)

^that photo is from the day she was finished about 3 years ago... i was in awe :)

I hope that helps for a lil inspiration :)
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