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Level questions

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Hi guys i'm fixing to install my Bilstein 5100's on Pro-4x springs with a Pro Comp 2' level on top. Looking to run them on the middle perch. I also have MetalWorx UCA's that I'm going to put on as well. Will I need anything else with this set up? Extended brake lines? I'm not sure and need to figure out ASAP. Thanks
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get bigger bump stops. it will keep you from blowing up the Bilsteins.
no these limit up travel, so you don't over compress the bilstein. it goes on the LCA and as that moves up it hits the frame spot for the bump stop.

dont grind the spindle. you mean the metal around the upper uniball hits the spindle?
so the DK arms have too much travel and the joint is articulating so much that the actual arm hits the same spot the arm is bolted to?
dubyam thats how i'm reading it too. my prg arms will lay on the coil bucket before that happens.

The MW arms have more clearance then stock but not quite as much as DK from what Charlie Morse said, he switched from MW to DK.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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