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Level questions

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Hi guys i'm fixing to install my Bilstein 5100's on Pro-4x springs with a Pro Comp 2' level on top. Looking to run them on the middle perch. I also have MetalWorx UCA's that I'm going to put on as well. Will I need anything else with this set up? Extended brake lines? I'm not sure and need to figure out ASAP. Thanks
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1" block in the back if you want to keep it level. You'll have basically the same setup as I do except different UCA's.
get bigger bump stops. it will keep you from blowing up the Bilsteins.
Are the bump stops just to limit down travel? I notice that at full droop my UCA's contact the top of my spindle. I've been contemplating grinding a tiny bit off the spindle, but if I got the larger stops that would most likely fix it.
Yes the actual UCA touches the top of the spindle. Not the boot of the ball joint or anything. It's very slight right at the back edge (rear of the truck) of the UCA.
First off sorry for thread jacking, OP.

Here's where it's contacting. Only does it at full droop, my DK arms aren't even close to the coil bucket.


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