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Level questions

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Hi guys i'm fixing to install my Bilstein 5100's on Pro-4x springs with a Pro Comp 2' level on top. Looking to run them on the middle perch. I also have MetalWorx UCA's that I'm going to put on as well. Will I need anything else with this set up? Extended brake lines? I'm not sure and need to figure out ASAP. Thanks
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The OP should be alright on CBC since he's replacing the UCAs, but maybe Metalworx don't clear as well as DK or PRG?

I think what Lax is saying is that at full droop, with the spindle and UCA articulated down, the "rim" around the ball joint touches the edge of the spindle on the rear (of the truck) side. That would happen because the UCA is swinging down so the rim sits at a steep angle to the spindle, which is still vertical in orientation. Maybe I'm missing it, but that's what I'm seeing in my head.
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