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Leveling Kit and Suspension Kit?

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Hi all!

Just a quick question here: I have a 2004 Titan with a 4" Rancho lift system, but, despite the 4" front and 2" rear lift, my truck still looks "nose-down" when I drive (I think the stock coils are getting a little tired, but I'm not sure). Further, I am just about to order my ARB Sahara bumper, from It weighs about 190 lbs, and I'm worried it might drag the front down even more. So, after some research, I have found a 2" Leveling spacer from Rough Country Suspension, which bolts onto the top of the strut, b/w the strut and shock bucket, in other words, not a coil spacer. It's only $100!

So, do ya'll think this will be safe to do? Any advice/input is appreciated.


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There are tons of guys on here, including myself running those spacers. Is your truck 2wd or 4wd? 2" on a 2wd will be totally fine. If you are 4wd however with that 2" spacer your are likely to get UCA/coilbucket contact.
Yeah, I was worried you'd say that. I'm 4wd. Any other suggestions? Should I try the spacer and new UCAs from PRG or something?

A spacer would prob. be the cheapest idea. PRG has a few different options depending on how far you think the new bumper will drag the front end down. If you still have a little forward rake without the new bumper you may want to go with atleast the 1.5" spacer, if you choose to go with the 2" you may want to invest in some new UCA's. I would just give Greg from PRG a buzz, from what I understand he is wicked helpfull and can answer any other questions you may have.
Yep, I have been looking at PRG a lot, lately. I think I'm going to wait until some time this summer to get a 1.5" spacer (I was also planning on getting a pair of rear shackles, I've heard good things about those).

Then again, I'm not sure how far this bumper will pull it down anyway. It says on their website it weighs 190 lbs, but that must be including a winch or something, because that seems a little steep.

Anyway, I ordered the bumper last night, and now I am waiting anxiously, VERY anxiously, for it to arrive. If I have time I'll put up pictures, and you guys can tell me what you think.

Thanks for the help!
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