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Leveling kit ?? I know another one

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Okay so i need new struts i got a set of loaded struts with 2008 4x4 springs i have a 2005. In addition i also got 1.5inch leveling spacer.(billet aluminum) i was wondering if this would create cbc. I have searched every fourum. I just want a yes or no pictures anything . Plan on doing the install this weekend thank.
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4mula1fan is correct. It's REALLY hard to give a definitive answer because some trucks can be perfectly fine with your set up and others have major CBC. New coils need time to settle so you may have coil bucket contact in the beginning that dissipates over time as the coils work in.

Only true way to know on this one is to start turning wrenches and see where you end up.

Dirt king makes amazing UCA's that eliminate it.

Rough Country sells some inexpensive ones that can get you by.

Lastly, in a bind if money is tight, you can sometimes grind enough of the lip off (safe amount not too much) and eliminate CBC.

Good luck, been in your same spot!

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