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leveling kit install in SA

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Gents! I Am Having A Difficult Time Trying To Find A Shop In Sa To Install My Levelinging Kit For A Reasonable Price! Can Anyone Reccomend A Reputable Shop???????
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Which kit did you get? I can't help you with a shop, but as a price reference I paid $100 to have my PRG 2" leveling kit installed. What are you being quoted?
SSgtLE08 said:
175 -200. The Ncd Co Is Out Of Cali. They Told Me They Install For 100 As Well. It Is A Simple Bolt Over. Yet, I Have Very Little Tools And Less Suspension Knowledge. Where Did You Get Yours Done???
I went to my regular mechanic. This is the first leveling kit he installed but he said it was an easy job. It was a little less than 2 hours for him. His labor rate here is $55 an hour. The PRG kit was around $160 I think and my mechanic was impressed with the quality of the kit and the completeness of the instructions.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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