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Leveling my 05 4wd Titan

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I've got an 05 4wd Titan that I am just looking to level from what I have read on hear is that 2 in spacers is what I can go with but am I gonna need to get it aligned afterwards and if any one has had any issues doing it this way
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Always recommended to get an alignment when altering suspension. You will most likely need to get aftermarket UCA's if you do a 2" spacer of you'll have coil bucket contact. If struts and shocks are worn it may be a good time to get new Bilstein 5100's. You can put the front struts on the 2nd perch, give 2" of lift, however the ride will be stiff. You can also use a 1.5" spacer and Bilstein's on the 1st perch, giving you 2.5" of lift and the ride will be better. You may not need UCA's for spacer+bilstein lift.
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