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If you have the money, the rough COuntry kit with the A arms is a good deal, will ride great, no noise and pretty easy to put on. Will give you 3 inches up front...

If you trying to be a bit more strict with cash, go with the PRG kit that is just 2.5" and comes with bump stops. THey look fine, but you run the risk of getting a little control arm contact when the suspension fully flexs.

Look around in the buy/sell forum and you can find the spacers for the front for pretty cheap. Then just goto Autozone and get a set of Energy Suspension bumpstops which is part # 9.9101R, just go up to the cashier and tell them the part # and they will probably have to order them. Dont have them search for your truck cause it will not come up, the part is a universal bumpstop. They are like $18 for the set.

You can easily clear a 33" tire with just the lvl kit, I got the biggest possible tire on mine and they do not rub. its ewqual to a 33x13.50-18 tire and looks great. No rubbing, no pinch weld mod.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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