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Lexar 8GB Compact Flash

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For sale 1 brand new in the box. Wrong gift....opened the box, they wont take back. Never used.

Lexar Professional UDMA
300x SPEED
compatible with any Compact Flash devices

$100.00 shipped to anywhere in the U.S.


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foreignracer said:
I will give you $50 for it.
Thanks for the offer, but i guess i will post it on Ebay and see what happens. I just try to give my TT buddies first crack at anything. Retail is $250-285 range.

BuckyBadger said:
Still have it??? I'll take it. Looking for one for my Canon 40d
I do. Will ship Wednesday if you like.

paypal address is [email protected]

1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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