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Life in the stock lane...

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Is almost over :bye: Exhuast today! PRG leveling kit and billsteins in the mail (thanks greg)!! :gunz:
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And in honor of my 15th post, one last look at her stockness:

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Congrats on the coming upgrades. Even bone stock you have a nice looking truck. So what stuff do you have on your wish list?
You have some nice stuff on your list! I like the AEM intake. I have heard claims that filters that use oil can foul the mass air sensor, don't know if it's true or not. I think I'll be picking up the same AEM system. Like most people I can only do a couple of mods at a time. Right now I can't decide wether to finish the exterior with some fender flares and a wheel and tire upgrade or to start getting some perfomace stuff. Do you like putting your accessories on yourself or do you generally have it done?
I know I'll have the liner and the bed cover by Christmas. Crossing my fingers for tires and wheels in early January (b-day!) but who knows

I enjoy doing what I can, I've done a couple body lifts and CAI's but those are easy. Luckily for me my new girl friend's family happen to own two mechanic shops so I'll be trying my hand at a lot more. I plan on doing the leveling kit and shock swap myself when they arrive!
Your girlfriend's family owns two garages, so have you bought the ring yet? I enjoy just going out and tinkering with add ons. I think if the leveling kit, fender flares and wheel and tires do make it as my next project I'll have it done at a local garage. That way if something goes wrong I have someone to blame!!!!:hat:
keep putting those mods on you will love everyone of them
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