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Hey Guys, I have an 08 Titan 2WD that I'm about to install a lift/new wheels and tires on. Before I place the order for all my parts, does anyone have any suggestions or see anything that could be an issue?

1. CST Spindles w/ brake lines
2. 4 inch rear block w/ longer U-bolts
4. Extended endlinks and bushings
5. 2 inch strut spacer
6. Bilstein 5125 extended rear shocks
7. DK, RC, or PRG Upper Control Arms
8. Cam bolts

Wheels and Tires
1. Fuel Hostage 22x9.5 with a -6 offset (backspacing is 5 inches)
2. Nitto Trail Grapplers 325/50/R22 (equivalent to a 35)

Post Lift Install
1. Alignment
2. PWM

The only concern I have is maybe the possibility of the rim not clearing the brake calipers. I'd rather not have to shave them if I don't have to. I also read on the PRG website that they highly recommend getting a coilover upgrade with heavier tires like 35s. Will my ride suffer greatly if I don't? Any help would be appreciated!
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