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twaldron said:
Calmini has informed me that they will produce a lift kit for the Titan. Below is an excerpt from the emailings:

"Our Titan lift kit was proto-typed 6 months ago and should be released soon. The kit is a 3" suspension lift. Please call the sales office if you have any other questions."

Calmini makes good stuff. I've used their kits on my XTerra, and they were helpfull and the stuff just plain works. Titan is going to be pretty easy to lift, once Nissan releases the specs for alignment. Looks to me like the Rancho 2-3 front kit, (coil-over adjustable!) and then surely someone will have an Add-A-Leaf or a block kit for the rear end. That way we can keep the rake front to rear, and keep from a$$ draging around when there is a load on.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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