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Lift-Wheel-Tire Package Price

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Hey everyone. I wanted everyone's opinion pricing for the following. Let me know what it would normally cost and if you know anywhere cheaper post that also. Thanks.

ProComp 6" Stage I lift kit
18" KMC Rockstars
Toyo, Nitto, or Mickey Thompson 35" tires

Installed OTD price of $3200.

Also, which tires would you recommend for long lasting and looks.
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Sounds like a deal.
PC lift at least 1200,
Wheels, 800-1000
Tires- 1000+
= about 3200 w/0 install

Install- 500
If you can get it for that? jump on it. I just paid right at 4k for PC lift, AR Mojave Teflons and 35" Nitto Mud Grapplers all installed with an alignment.
are you guys able to fit your lifted truck into the garage?
thats a pretty good deal.. dont pass it up... I fit in parking garages.. barely..
I am looking at the pc lift and a buddy of mine just called and told me to chech out 4wheelparts they have it for like $1175 right now. I need to call greg and see if he will meet or beat it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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