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lift with 22 " rims?

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Is there a lift kit for a set of 22" rims with 305/45/22 tires?

Got the car with 22s and i want to lift it a bit but i'm not sure which lift kit will 22s fit well.

any info would be appreciated.


btw, my truck is a 2wd
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No lift is needed ... basically a stock diameter tire, (about a 33"), that is a bit wider. Just try to get the backspacing to be about 5.5". On an 8" rim that's +25mm of offset. 8.5" rim +18mm, and for a 9" rim +12mm of offset.

So if you lift, a bigger tire might fit. 22s are not the best choice though, performance wise. Do you have a specific application or just a look you're after?
You can get level kits, and there's a nice CST spindle for 2wd Titans only, that will lift the front 4". You can also add aftermarket coilovers for even more lift.

A lot of 2wd owners start with the kit on the top of this page, and then add some of the stuff from the second kit.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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