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lifted titan stock tires

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I have finnaly squandered enough money to get my spindles, but will be awhile till i can again squander enough for larger tires.

Does anyone on the forum have a lifted Titan with the stock tires.

Im going up 6 inches....I want to see how it looks...I dont think im going to be able to let it sit till i get tires...LOL

I currently have the 6 spoke LE wheels and the stock 265/70-18 Badyears.
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I have but didnt remember it......what size did you go up to in the (after ) pics and is that the 4 or 6 inch....Looks like the 6 to me?
I see........whell the stock tires do look a little corny on there, but you do what you do......

Thnaks BB
That dont really look to bad....I guess i could survive till i get more cash to get bigger tires....I have the 6 spoke wheels and i really like them.

Do you have any pics from the side so I can see how much fender well is showing....kinda hard to tell cause your truck is dark.

If not thats cool....thanks for lettin me take a look
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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