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Light Bar Kit

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Is there a light bar kit that easily installs a 20" light bar in the grille? I have seen a few members have light bars installed there, and I see that Rough Country sells mounts, but only for the XD. I have a 2017 Pro4X.

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I mounted mine inside the grill, the top grill. I drilled holes on bumper and had to rig up some extra pieces of metal to mount it farther back in order to clear. I think mine is a 23-24 inch. I'll try to take some pics after work.
I am looking for the one that fits in the bumper, not the grille. Maybe this one...

Do you have to cut the plastic in the bumper slot, or does that simply remove?

I just looked at your post, I have an 04 so probably a lot different set up but here is how mine looks, it's a 28" with 1 4" mounted at an angle on each side. Good luck finding something that works.


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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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