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Light clunking sound and feel when letting off gas

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I got a light clunking when I let off the gas under 40 mph. Don't notice it every time but it's noticeable. Any ideas? 08 cc lwb 4x4
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oh man could be anything
were both longbeds so kinda makes it easy for me to just slide around under the truck since it sits pretty high. i would just go back and start tightening things down. u bolt, shock bolts, shackle bolts...than if it matters take the wheel off and make sure nothing is loose on the brake assembly. i would just start checking the caliper bolts and what not. i learned from clunks it could be from things you wouldn't think it should be. i will say with the traction bars i installed it feels like it just tightened everything in the back.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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