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Lights act like burn out, but come on randomly

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Little background: I originally bought Projector Headlights that have the two halo rings (angel eyes) and set of three leds. I then installed HIDs into this housing. Then I replaced the turn signals with amber LEDs. Somewhere in the middle of that I installed LED tails, third brake light (white leds with red leds in center), license plate, and interior LED lighting.

Problems: The three leds on the headlights act like they are burnt out, but I replaced them with new ones. Sometimes it's all six on, sometimes it's only 2 on each side on, and usually all 6 of them are off. One of the halo rings is now doing it, on sometimes, off sometimes. The left side of the LED third brake light has been out for some time, pretty sure it's burnt out. The left LED for the license plate comes on randomly, but it's usually out. I have a new optima yellow top battery. Does it have something to do with running them all at the same time? I thought LEDs consumed less power than normal bulbs. Something to do with stock wiring not being sufficient?

The three LEDs on the headlights don't bother me as much, but I'd like to know why they are off and on. The LED Halo Ring, kind of pisses me off, because I don't know how to replace it and I'm definitely not skilled enough to open the housing. The left side of the third brake light, again upsets me, because I don't think it's an easy replacement, but don't really know. Left LED for the license plate is an easy replacement, but no idea why it's on and off. The worst part is I don't know if replacing them will even fix it, as they come on randomly.

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Are you sure the LEDs are not working? They can take up to 2 minutes to warm up before they turn on. My halo rings will do that. Sometimes one will come on immediately, and then other times it will not come on for 2 minutes.
The two halos on the right headlight never came on today. Checked it after my 1 hour commute to work and checked it after I got home. None of the two sets of three accent LEDs came on either, I put new bulbs in those and still got nothing. Both license plate lights were on this time. Left side of third brake light still didn't come on. I'm hesitant to even attept replacing the other bulbs when the 6 accent LEDs in the headlights don't come on with new bulbs.
Well, I suppose on the bright-side (pun, hahah) is my HIDs and Tails still work. I'll eventually attempt to open the housing and replace the halos. They never were as bright as l would have liked and the halos from are definately super bright. Also the housing never was completely sealed as I'd occasionally get fogging, so maybe I can seal it better.
LED's typically have a life span of 50,000 hours or something like that. Not sure how your lights are put together, but you likely have cracked solder joints or corroded sockets somewhere, making a bad connection. Changes in temperature can make them work intermittently.
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