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Lights bars, push bars, or brush guards?

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I was looking for some pics and info on some of the above mentioned bars? I would like to throw some extra lights on the front of the truck for when I go camping. I have an XE so that might make a difference. I would prefer something that I could just bolt on without having to hack anything.
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I'd think all of them just bolt on. Right where your tow hooks might be, if you have teh Traction package. I just removed my T&H SS Black Bull Bar, as I have changed from a beefy appearance to a sporty appearance and missed the tow hooks. I'm may not use the Hella 500 Driving lights, as they are kinda big. I am going to go with a smaller, less obvious light. I presently have the Bull Bar with the Adapter brackets still in place, and 2 Hellas mounted. It would bolt on you ride in about 15 minutes! lol. All you'd have to do is the wiring. I don't have the original stuff together for that, but $20 bucks gets you a new one at any store.

Were do you live?
Be careful some of them are no no on the Xe as they require drilling into the center sectionof the bumper to use as a brace and since the XE's (me included) have plastic bumpers they don't work ie: procomp & n-fab. Although I got an email from n-fab saying they are working on an XE prerunner bar.
I found a push bar on Ebay that wasnt too bad looking and the prices wasnt bad, but I was hoping with something with an extra br that runs across. And Ilike the big brus guards for the most part, but I wasnt too hip on the parts that cover the headlights.
Mine is the simple one piece design, and you mount lights above or below the bar. Just 4 bolts to hold it on.
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