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Lights for Bull bar - Any suggestions

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Can anyone recommend some fog or flood lights to put on a bull bar? I'd also like to wire them up next to the tow switch seeing how I have two empty slots.
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I have no idea why anybody in their right mind would want to put lights on a bullbar! That is just insane! And not only that, but.....'s mine. :D

Lightforce 170 Strikers. Brightest 100W lights I've ever seen.
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Where did you get those BB?? They are my favorite brand, but I also realize they are a tad on the expensive side, correct??? I'm thinking of doing the 3 light thing on my lower grille and I am thinking of going with a set of those possibly.

The Hella Black Magic lights are sweet too!!
Here's where I got them... Whew! They've gone up a bit since I bought mine....

They also sell a prewired harness with all the goodies, which I highly recommend.....
Ok, so yeah, ummm, I won't be getting those unless I hit the powerball!
Look at it this way, pack your lunch instead of buying it for 5 weeks.... and you can have these. :D
Blackbeauty said:
Look at it this way, pack your lunch instead of buying it for 5 weeks.... and you can have these. :D

Already pack my lunch,hahaha. I was thinking that the $250 price was for one light though and I now see it says "PRICE INCLUDES A PAIR OF LIGHTS with clear covers." SO that's not too bad. I need three lights though, wonder what the price of 1 is or if I can even buy just one by itself. I'm thinking an upgrade to an Optima Red Top may be in order too!!

I like any of these ones too:
Well, I know that just the casing is $70. (Don't ask me how I know. :D ) So I would think you could get one for around $140-150.... You could talk to those guys on the phone. They are pretty good about stuff like that.
I just bought 3 lights for a bumper.light bar I'm fabbing...
Here's where I got them:

Click on truck/buggy products and then the Soltek lighting.
These things are way cool lights, I got the Halogen 100 watt models, can't afford HID's...
here are a few pics for Baja Designs website along with a couple of my lights mocked up. I went with a long range pencil beam in the middle and wide driving beams on either side.


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I had Hella 500 Driving Lights on my Escape for 6 years, good as new when sold, and had another set of the same on my Titan for a year. Looking to go much smaller now, just for styling purposes. Set cost 65-75, very decent quality.
Those look super rugged. Looking forward to seein final pics
what's the status on your bar lou? almost ready for public unveiling?
what's the status on your bar lou? almost ready for public unveiling?
I'm at an impasse, not sure if I go ahead and fab up a cool "bikini" light bar to mount on stock frt bumper, or pull off the stocker and go all out...My partner in crime (the guy I do alot of fab work with) is coming back this Sat from Germany(movie industry) and I'm pretty sure he's going to say to "lose that thing!" (the factory bumper)

We have to pick up our tube bender from another shop that we lended it to.
I promise plenty of pics when i do get it done!
I'd have to agree with the hollywood guy ... lose it, you could use the increased clearance, you don't want tear up the bumper or any components while in baja......
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