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Like New 20" Wheels for TITANs $500

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I have some wheels that im selling. 20" Pro Comp Extremes. Series 8089 Gloss Black. These wheels are in excellent, near brand new cond. They came on my truck when i bought it brand new. I just wanted some that were all black is the ONLY reason i am selling. I only ran these wheels for 2500 miles before i bought these others. If you get me an email address i can get you some pics. Or you can find them at 4wheel for a good pic. I am only asking $500 plus the shipping to get them out of my garage. These are just the wheels and no tires. The wheels are currently located in Grand Junction, Colorado. I travel back and forth to Salt Lake City, Utah area so could possibly come up with some plan for delivery between here and there. I just looked up these wheels on 4wheel parts and they retail $1186.96 brand new. "save over half"
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thanks, that was a good tip. didnt think of that.
I still have the wheels available. I dont have any pics with these on my titan. As far as backspacing and specs im not sure off hand, you can find these on 4wheel parts online. these are a 20"x 10" and i was running theme with a 6" Pro Comp Lift with 35"x 12.50" Toyo MTs with NO rubbing problems at all. I switched my wheels to KMC Rockstars 20" with the same tires and am now rubbing a bit. As far as posting pics on this site i am having problems so anyone with any tips would be greatly appreciated. I wanted to post a pic of my Titan with the Rockstars on it, but it tells me my pic is the wrong format?? Anyway thanks, and i can get some pics to ya with an email
Sorry for the mishap. I listed the model # wrong. These ARE 20" Wheels. Model # 8089. They make these 16'' to 22''. Sorry for the oops I corrected the model # in my message and also double checked 4wheel parts and they are listed there. Thanks...
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