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Like New B-Pipes & Full Exhaust w/ Flowmaster

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Like New OEM B-Pipes (5K Miles)

I have some OEM b-pipes that were removed from my truck with only 5,000 miles on the truck. If anyone wants some factory ones for some reason, $150 and buyer pays shipping.

Located in Nashville, TN. Would consider shipping the b-pipes as long as buyer pays for shipping costs.
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pm me a price on it all, i may be able to pick it up
Re: Like New B-Pipes & Full Exhaust w/ Flowmaster

Bump. Make me an offer.
Bump. B-Pipes just waiting on a new home.
What exhaust setup did you go with?

One of these days, I'm going to check out your T when I'm in Nashville. One of these days...
Re: Like New OEM B-Pipes (5K Miles)

Ended up taking the UQ back off last night and went back to dumped over the rear axle. I love it. Lol. Definitely need to meet up one day!
Nice! I literally just shipped my UQ back to amazon as a return today. I like the sound as it is honestly. It's kind of overwhelming on the throttle, but I drive fairly conservatively anyway, so I only hear it when I really want to.

And definitely! We could grab a beer or two, talk Ts, and then go set off some car alarms! #teamnouq :cheers:
Bump for da b-pipes
fyi on your b-pipes i called a local scrap recycler and he told me they buy them could fetch between $50 and $150 per depending on some numbers off the pipe. he numbers tell the platinum count or something. might be an option?
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