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limited slip diffs

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i know this is the titan forum and i apologize but i can't get anything but nonsense from any of the frontier web sites and am looking for some simple and direct technical info or a direction to go to find it.

i have a simple XE frontier. 2.4, 2wd, 5 sp. 3.9 diff.

i live in a very mountainous area where the roads are slick with rain a lot and need some gear and some traction... and no... i bought a 2wd on purpose and don't WANT a 4wd...

what i do need is an LSD w/ 4:55 or something like that. now i have found some vendors that sell them new that i can nail together... but it occurs to me that nissan HAD to have put a combination like this in SOMETHING as std and all im trying to do is find out what and if it could be as simple as buying a used rear end and swapping it out.

so... does anyone know what came in what and when and what will fit where or can you point me at that info somewhere else so i can start to get a handle on this...

it doesn't have to be a direct swap... i can do brackets and flanges and brake lines as nec...

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I dont have an answer to your question sorry, but i do have a question for you? I was considering buying a two wheel drive titan. But i am worried! i like in a mountainous area too, however, we get maybe at max about 3 bad snows a year. So, my questions is how does your two wheel drive go in the snow and mud? and why is it that you wanted a two wheel drive?
Thanks alot!
look for a pre 95 pathfinder. some of those had limited slip rear ends. 4wd trucks and pathys will have lower gears usually. check out the forum on there people are really helpfull.
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