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Everyone knows the "biggies" that make the Titan great such as torque, Hp, towing capacity, interior space etc., but there are a lot of small things that didn't cost Nissan a lot of money to do that I like. Among these are:

A gas cap that takes only about a quarter turn to completely remove. (My wife's Mitsubishi threaded cap takes FOREVER to remove)

A tether on the gas cap that is long enough to get it out of the way of a dripping fuel nozzle. (this is one of my pet peeves. short tethers allow gas dripping from the nozzle to drip on the gas cap after you gas up and remove the nozzle. This causes your hands to smell like gas forever after you touch it to put it back)

A parking brake that you press with your foot to engage / disengage. (no more bending way over to reach the disengagement lever way underneath the hood)

A raised portion of the floor that acts as a dead pedal to rest your left foot on long trips.

The door is concave on the inside to allow for more knee room.

No need for a circular light around the ignition keyhole. The courtesy lights on the Titan are much more useful than that. The inside lights come on when you open the door so that you can see everything, then they go off automatically as soon as you turn the key.

I'm finding new "little" things that I like about the Titan all the time. If anyone finds some they would like to share, please post them.
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