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Little update on the new truck!

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Had some tint put on it. 20% on the backs and 30% on the front llumar tint. Also went ahead and put weathertechs in on the front, which fit awesome! Now the bad I happened to take the truck to the dealer to get the ABS light fixed. While I was there I asked them to put the front plate bracket on and they managed to scratch my bumper! Should I make a fuss? It goes back in this weekend for the sensor. Land vehicle Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire
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Since the truck is new, see if it is covered under warranty. If not, then no need if to you it is not a big deal. Me personally, I would patch the scratch with rust resistant paint.

Honestly I'm probably going to fuss about it I just paid to have the whole front wrapped in paint protection film, and now knowing that little scratch is there is going to drive me nuts.

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