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Long travel with moto metal 951's

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anyone seen such a thing?
i was going to long travl my 04 titan but i bought the pretty 951's instead of buying REAL off road rims, and i want to know if they will get thrashed off road, and i would also like to kno if they would look stupid with 37's on them (they are 17" rims by the way) so any input would be nice, i also have my stock 18's laying around but im not sure if those are an option either. :dunno:
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they'll be fine unless you use the truck for prerunning all year and at every desert race ... I plan on using my 951s with Greg's MT kit later and with 37s even later but mine are all black and not as blingy/pretty as yours so at least they'll look like they were made to go off road! :D
Gee, that truck looks familiar, but I think it has different wheels now.
heyy thanks alot, i followed the link and that is the sickest titan i have ever seen in my entire life.. im jealous to the max.

how much did that cost u for the entire kit w/ fiberglass and all (the front isnt glassed is it?) excluding the tires
A.I.I.Raciing said:
you might want to look at this than

anyone have a pic of Greg's truck from the rear?
Who's truck is that? I guess the Yokohama's work well?
nice truck you've posted there AII .....detail please

Yellomantis said:
I guess the Yokohama's work well?
yeah the geolanders are supposed to be pretty good, quite a few protrucks (SCORE) use them but I didn't think they were available in sizes compatible w/a lifted titan, 35/37" and 17" wheel, etc
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