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I posted the info below in “parts and accessories,” but I think this section may be more appropriate...
I have a 2008 Titan SE KC 4WD, long wheel base. The truck is loooooong and looked like a 2wd when I bought it. I installed a 6" rough country suspension lift kit 7 years ago and it improved the appearance immensely. However, it always looked a bit saggy in the rear end. I think the RCX 6" kits kinda look like that anyway honestly, but it's very exaggerated in the LWB. The rear lift block is 4", and the front collars and steering knuckles lift the front a full 6". This is to remove the aggressive factory rake and level the truck, but there is a noticeable (if you look for it) difference in tire-to-fender distance between the front and rear ends, even on short wheel base trucks. But, like I said, it really looks saggy on my LWB. And now 7 years after installing the lift (and the truck is now 12 years old) I'd bet it's even more saggy. So, a few questions:

1. Does anyone know if the LWB rear springs are longer/different than the standard wheel base springs?
2. If they're the same, does anyone know of any helper spring or replacement spring products that lend an inch or two of lift on their own? If so, I'd install them and keep the RCX 4" block in there to hopefully level the truck.
3. Does anyone have any experience with air springs in addition to a lift block?

The rear is not a bouncy, squishy mess, so I don't think the springs are worn out. I just want to pick the *** end up and get the sag out of it. So I'm looking for ideas.
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