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Looking at a sideways trade..

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A local dealer has a 14' Pro4X loaded and lifted 6". I have been thinking about trading over to it although I have pretty much the same truck minus the lift. The difference is I could get into it for the same payment and less than if I went to a 4wd shop to have all that work done. Dealer installed all the aftermarket parts just recently. Its a Procomp list with PC Coilovers I think and wheels/tires.

The truck is from Canada and has those dumb DRL (high beams at half power) and some minor surface rust on the underside from..well Canada I guess. Only 16K miles which is nice, mine has 27K.

I searched but couldn't come up with a way to disable to DRL's. Anyone figure that out yet?

Thought on the deal in general? Not the best idea but I'm going to have the payment regardless. Then in a few years once the XD has the bugs worked out, I can move into that.

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Lower payment and less miles, sounds like a win to me.

I have a Canadian Titan. The dealership loves it when I come in because it's a fight to look up parts off of the funky Canadian VIN.
Well..same payment, lower miles.. What else is different on the Canadian trucks? The only thing I could tell is the daytime running lights.
That's really it. It may have an engine block heater too, mine came that way, but that's an option. DRL is a requirement in Canada.
Cool. I cannot find where anyone was able to disable the DRL feature but i guess its not a deal breaker. Little rusty underneath too but looks to be mostly surface rust.
Yeah, I've looked and looked but haven't been able to find anything. I like them when I'm driving but sometimes when just sitting, it would be nice to be able to turn them off. Most vehicles I've had with DRL, when you hit the parking brake the turn off, but that doesn't work on my Titan, just seems to be no way to turn the blasted things off, but it's a rare annoyance for me at least.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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